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Wait, who are you again?

I’m Anna Pulley. I’m queer, multiracial (white/Native American/Latinx), and hard of hearing. Even with hearing aids, I mishear A LOT! One time I yelled at a bird because I thought it was catcalling me.

I’m the author of rom-coms, erotica (Transgressions: Erotic Stories, pen name Anastasia Fleur) and gay-ass poetry (The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!), which Tegan and Sara said was "an adorable and hilarious way to start the day," Cheryl Strayed called a "must-read," and Bound actress Jennifer Tilly said was "thoroughly charming."

I also write a weekly sex and dating advice column for The Chicago Tribune and have been published in New York magazine, Mother Jones, The Washington Post, San Francisco magazine (the issue I contributed to won a National Magazine Award), Vice, Salon, BuzzFeed, and many others. I’ve been called a Top LGBTQ Writer on Medium and was once told I have “a really expressive ass” (?). I’ve been a repeat guest on Dan Savage's podcast, Savage Love, on Daniel Lavery's "Dear Prudence" podcast, and on the popular 99% Invisible podcast.

Want more?

Connect with me on social media for more frequent doses of puns, advicey videos (bear with me as I attempt to learn TikTok), pictures of my hot fiancee, Vika, and our codo cat, Ricky.

IG: @lezbianna / TW: @annapulley

If you have any questions, feedback, or just wanna say hey, email me at anna@annapulley.com.

Talk to you soon, 


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Anna Pulley
Writer of rom-coms, essays, & The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!). Advice columnist at Chicago Tribune.