Happy new year, friends! I’ve been in a hole for several months—in part because I like to nest in the winter, even in extremely mild California winters. (I’m a hothouse flower!) But also because I’ve been revising a novel and getting it ready for publication.
Facing limitations, free erotica, and a queer book giveaway
I “missed” Father’s Day last Sunday, in that I didn’t realize it was occurring, so it was a bit jarring when friends started sending me texts asking if…
Get my new book for 99 cents on Kindle!
Hi friends! I’m so excited and nervous and fearful and a twinge exhausted to tell you about a book I soft-launched recently on Amazon! It’s called…
Happy Mew Thong February!
I less than 3 you
Plus, watch me tell a story about sex parties and hearing loss!
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